Ideas - Sharing PDF on Jitsi

We have a requirement to share PDF documents on Jitsi. I’m aware Jitsi does not support this by default and it can be achieved using screen share easily but my management does not want to use screen share.
So far I have this idea:

  1. Convert PDF into images. (Now the problem is sharing images over jitsi that can change by click of a button)
  2. To send the image I’d join the meeting as one more user (say PdfUser).
  3. i.Convert the image into a video and share it using startShareVideo in iFrame API.
    ii.Every time a page is changed, I’ll pull the video convert the second page to video and push it.
  4. i. Modifying the avatar code in a way so that I can show an image(PDF page) that changes dynamically

It would be really helpful to have the communities inputs on how to go about this. Have anyone tried this before? Any suggestions where I should start looking in the source code?

it could be achieved with Etherpad. Setting up an established project is less a problem than doing a custom development because it has less long term headaches (breakage from updates especially, or not updating and risking security problems). If you have to ask for clues in searching source code, it’s a dead giveaway that you should not do development.

Etherpad is a bit of an overkill for me. Anyways I found a way to share images by modifying the code. For anyone else wondering the file you want to modify is VideoManager.js. Have a great day!

Sounds like you went with your first option. How did you work around clicking through the images? Also, does this mean you’d have to convert any PDF you wish to share to images first before sharing?

Yes I’m converting PDF to images. When moving to the next page I’m pulling the current page and pushing the next page(using startShareVideo method in the API). I suspect this might add some delay I haven’t completed the implementation yet.

Good angle. Let’s know how it goes when you’re done.

If you using Iframe api build it into your application.

Your screenshot appears to show download. Are you able to view the pdf collaboratively using iFrame?

I think o misunderstood, lete think and see if there is a solution