Idea for a videowall

Hi, I am new to Jitsi but wondering if this exists now and if not whether your community is building anything like it. The idea is that as a permanent feature of a conference room where the screen displays people as life size, and walking up to the wall of screens is the same as walking up to the camera, not a single-camera fishtank view. Would take a lot of processing in real time to knit the live video feeds together into one big image but maybe you’re already doing that? Thanks, John!VideoQuilt_20200401a


after more research does look like the researchers of software algorithms for this have been awarded a patent:

would love this

what I was thinking is to be able to walk right up to the screen instead of seeing a “fishbowl” view from on POV on a large screen:


I think the stitching of live video fees is very possible using OpenCV:

and another person who has used something else back in 2016 shows a demo here:

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this is the kind of topology I think it would need, with the live video stitching/knitting done by some capable graphics processor

and I see the following software services needed to get it done, lots of this has to already exist in jitsi codebase? VideoQuiltServices_20200401a