I'd like to use meet.jit.si for a little gathering

…but I don’t understand how to build what I need around it. I’d like to do these things:

  • have multiple rooms where people can roam at will.
  • provide a framework that lists the rooms, beside the meeting window, so people can easily click to switch rooms.
  • Ideally, have the list of rooms say who’s in each room, or at least give a count of those present.

I see there’s a ReST API, but when I try to use it with meet.jit.si, I get HTML pages back rather than useful data. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding how to use it. Am I missing some basic-level documentation, or is it just assuming I know things I clearly don’t, or is the API not enabled on that site?
The other main problem is physically arranging things on the screen. I’d like to use an iframe for the meeting area, but at least in Firefox, the meeting running in an iframe can’t ask the user for permission to use the mic and camera – it just fails.
Any suggestions how I can get what I want?

You need own deployment, listing rooms and participants has privacy concerns and needs authentication and cannot be sone on a public instance like meet.jit.si.