Icons not updating

Hey all!

So I have added my new SVG Icons and done all restarting everywhere but the icons aren’t updating… :frowning: Anyone know why? and what to do?

on your main page do

on linux and PC do:
Shift + Ctrl + R

on mac do:
or Shift + CMD + R on

Hey thanks for that, quick question though, how do I have my avatars rotating to different ones?

Yes you can set in config.js

// Base URL for a Gravatar-compatible service. Defaults to libravatar.
// gravatarBaseURL: ‘https://seccdn.libravatar.org/avatar/’;

note that this is incorrect, project tried to switch to libravatar and switched back to gravatar because libravatar could not handle the load. - the doc was not updated.

I think you are not understanding my point I’m saying that if you have your own service for Avatar then you can replace the default service by changing this line

You are quoting an incorrect documentation - you are not responsible for it to be incorrect, yet you are quoting it nonetheless and you know, it’s hard to resist when someone is wrong on the internet.