Icons Not Showing Correctly In Jitsi Meet

I’ve got a Jitsi Meet instance where the icons are not showing up correctly. Is there some config that controls this?

bad icons

What is the Instance? also what is your OS?

This is a Jitsi Meet server installed on Ubuntu Server 20.04. I’m seeing the missing icons in my Chrome browser.

I mean DOmain, if you’re okay with sharing.

What is your OS? not the one the server is on. - also try another browser

I’m running windows 10. I tried this in Brave, Chrome…and firefox just now.

The strange thing is I created a new jitsi instance on a VM running on the same server and it does not have the problem with the icons. (The second one is having video connection issues that I’m working through).

**** has the bad icons, and **** has icons that work.

Doesn’t work

Odd. It’s working for me. I’m disconnecting from my vpn to try again.

it takes a long time to connect? where are your servers located my network is very good.

UT, CA in the USA.

yeah I see the issue, did you edit anything other than the interface-config.js and config.js when setting the server up?

Yes. Well, my colleague set that one up and yes, some changes were made in interface-config and config.js.

Have you tried doing a hard refresh on the page? Or using incognito? Those should fix it for you, these are cache problems.

Yes. I’ve tried incognito, and hard refresh ctrl+shift+r, ctrl+f5. Even cleared all my browsing history, cookies and cache in brave. I still see the messed up icons.