Ice4j config with dynamic IP address

Dear all,
I installed jitsi-meet yesterday and it went fine. Thanks for all the great work!

The server is behind a firewall and ports 443 TCP and 10 000 UDP are open.
It works nicely if I include in the config file (/etc/jitsi/videobridge/ :

But I don’t have a static IP address, so I would prefer to find a better solution.
I’ve tried to give the FQDN instead of the public address, but it doesn’t seem to work.
I’ve also tried with the following option instead of the 2 previous one (or keeping only the local address) :,,
It didn’t work either (it is because I didn’t open the 19302 port?).
Any idea and help would be welcome!
Best wishes,

STUN_MAPPING_HARVESTER_ADDRESSES should work, but I think you need to be restarting jvb every time the address changes.

Thanks for your quick answer. For now, it didn’t work and even if it did, if I have to restart jvb every time the IP changes, I could as well stay with the Public Address option…
Is there a way I could use the FQDN somewhere instead?
I have a script which keep FQDN and IP Address in sync…

Nope, these are the options, letting stun discover it or you manually enter the ip address in the config.

ok. Thanks again. I will try a bit more with STUN_MAPPING_HARVESTER_ADDRESSES and try to automate the jvb restart…
Still, I hope that FQDN will be a possible option one day…
Best wishes,