ICE Connection Failed randomly

Hi Jisi community, I’m having a self host jitsi deployment and custom front-end site
I’m facing the issue that user randomly disconnect from the meeting due to ICE connection failed.
The network connection of that user is good, and suddenly disconnect from server and unable to recover
I have tried to enable enableIceRestart flag but seems like it doesn’t work.

Browser logs:
Logger.js:154 2022-03-29T05:46:41.842Z [modules/connectivity/IceFailedHandling.js] <cc._actOnIceFailed>: ICE failed, enableForcedReload: undefined, enableIceRestart: false, supports restart by terminate: true
Logger.js:154 2022-03-29T05:46:41.843Z [modules/connectivity/IceFailedHandling.js] <cc._actOnIceFailed>: ICE failed, but ICE restarts are disabled

icefailed.txt (1.9 MB)

Please help to check what’s wrong with my settup.
Thank you

We have the same issue here
Any advise @Damencho?