I want to use OBS on Jitsi but Jitsi isnt recognizing OBS as an external camera. Anyone know what is wrong or how to make it work?

I want to use OBS on Jitsi but Jitsi isnt recognizing OBS as an external camera. Anyone know what is wrong or how to make it work?

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@Monero_Talk Check the obs forums for the obs virtual camera plugin. You have to install it to use obs with Jitsi-meet. You won’t stream via obs, you will just use it for extra camera features.

When you have the virtual camera installed, sethe your Jitsi-meet profile to use that camera ONLY.

Thank you so much! I tried downloading it but unfortunately its only for windows - is there an ios Mac version?

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No to my knowledge obs virtual camera is only for Windows so you need to find an alternative virtual camera that will work with obs. Good luck.

Oh ok, thanks!

I did some checking and CamTwist has a virtual cam that works with mac and I have read that you can use this virtual camera with obs. I don’t have mac so I cannot verify.

Thanks so much! I will check out CamTwist and post to let you know if it worked! Thanks again!

Hi! I downloaded CamTwist but still can find a tutorial on how to use it on OBS which will allow me to use it on Jitisi. Any suggestions on how to successfully use CamTwist on OBS?

How do you connect CamTwist and Jitisi?


I have the same problem that Jitsi will not recognize camera when using a virtual camera from OBS, I am using a window computer, is there a solution for this? I know that the plug in for virtual camera works well in other stream video apps because I tried the OBS virtual camera through Zoom and it works but it does not in Jitsi. Please let me know of any solutions.

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Found the solution, the key is the order on which program you open first and get it working first. these are the steps

  1. Open firsts Jitsi Meet and get a room working with your integrated laptop camera, then 2) Second Open the OBS app (Make sure that the virtual camera plugin is already installed in OBS and activated by going to tools and choosing virtual camera ON on OBS top Menu)
  2. Go back to Jitsi Meet and in the 3 dots menu choose settings and under Camera choose OBS camera.
    Here is a link with info on how to install for windows the virtual camera in OBS

hope this helps, having OBS as a virtual camera open a world of control in Jitsi Meet webinars and communications since with OBS you can have multiple scenes and cameras and sound and videos that you can stream/transmit and produce through Jitsi Meet to your audience, it makes the broadcasting experience richer and more engaging specially to teach, since I use it to teach online to my Mechatronics students at 2 colleges.