I want to start a meeting but can't. It is unclear how to do this

I want to start a meeting but can’t. It is unclear how to do this.


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This is so easy and simple.

Go here https://meet.jit.si enter something in the text field. Or start a new meeting by typing just about anything after the base url, like this: https://meet.jit.si/AnythingYouWant

HI Corby it was not easy, I did a test run with my friend and she got a blank grey space, and was unable to join. Using https://meet.jit.si on a windows computer is not working for me. Furthermore I am not enabled to type anything into the base url, the computer won’t let me do this. It says a meeting has been produced, using a pre-generated name, and I can see myself in a meeting space but I cannot successfully invite others. I don’t seem to be able to download anything on a windows computer to enable me to access jitsi.

if you use Internet Explorer it will never work. You have to use the googlized Microsoft browser - or Chrome itself, or maybe Firedox,