I Want to set extra option during live streaming

Hi everyone
I am deploying jitsi live steaming feature. I want to add 2 different choices :

  1. Set fps (5,15,30,60)
  2. Set buffer size
    The main idea behind this is that i want to give better user experience to user with low bandwidth.
    Any one have idea how can i achieve this?

Do you mean that the live-stream viewers have low bandwidth? It would be better to handle that on the livestreaming delivery side, by transcoding to different framerates and letting viewers select a stream. Jibri would stream at full framerate, and on the delivery/CDN side you deliver at multiple rates. This kind of transcoding is pretty standard for livestream delivery.

If you want to change Jibri framerate, at the moment it’s in jibri.conf so it is set for all streams. To change it on a stream-by-stream basis, you’d need to patch Jibri to get the setting from the IQ that tells it to start live streaming, and patch the frontend to include that value in the IQ. There is an existing metadata key-value map which you could use to pass the setting.

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