I want to save my recordings on my server and Dropbox

Hello, @damencho and All, How are you?

I want to save my meeting recordings on my own server and also on dropbox. When I use Dropbox recordings file save on server it does not appear. How I can enable two options for recordings file saves. Please let me know.

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Hello, All, I got success to do this: Uncomment from this line ā€œfileRecordingsServiceEnabled: false,ā€ and make it false to true

// When integrations like dropbox are enabled only that will be shown,
// by enabling fileRecordingsServiceEnabled, we show both the integrations
// and the generic recording service (its configuration and storage type
// depends on jibri configuration)
fileRecordingsServiceEnabled: true,
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Hi, @rakibulinux.
How are you? I am a newbie to jitsi meet.
I also want local recording. I want you explain me about your solution from scratch.
Best regards and thank you.