I Want to Reinstall Jitsi, Can I Just Uninstall

I want to reinstall Jitsi with JWT authentication and I want to follow this guide: https://doganbros.com/index.php/jitsi/jitsi-installation-with-jwt-support-on-ubuntu-18-04-lts/

Can I just uninstall Jitsi and then install according to these instructions, or should I reinstall Ubuntu 18.04 and add all the necessary services and open all the ports that need to be opened all over again.

I am hoping someone will say just uninstall and reinstall.

To uninstall use https://jitsi.org/qi#uninstall and then do the new installation.

Thanks just wanted to be ure. Are there any artifacts left over after uninstall that I should clean up manually??

Should not be any.

Thanks so much.