I want to have a meeting tomorrow but need to send details today

I regularly participate in a jitsi meeting and it is awesome. I just click the link that my friend sent and it always work.
Now I want to use it myself and I just can’t figure out what to do. The website only has one option Start and Join a Meeting for free. But I don’t want to start it now, I want it to be tomorrow. But I want to send the link today.
Please help. This is an awesome meeting, but the documentation on how to use it seems to be non-existant! Thanks. BTW I do promise that once I figure it out, I will write it up for others.

Welcome to the forum.

In Jitsi, meeting rooms are created when the first person joins. You can create a meeting link in advance by adding the room-name you choose to the URL in this format:


Replace “YOUR_MEETING_NAME” with any combination of letters and numbers of your choice. Just make sure the meeting name you choose is really unique such that it’s not easy to guess. You can then send this link to any of the intended participants.

Here’s a dated guide on how to use Jitsi. It’s old and there are many new features that have been added since it was written, but the baseline operation is still mostly the same: