I want to create two levels of participants to the same meeting, how would I do that?

The plan is to create a secure domain setup, where permissioned users can create a meeting and upon doing so, they receive two different URLs that they can distribute to others to join the meeting.

URL X only allows you to view and listen in on the meeting.

URL Y allows you to participate in the meeting.

Bonus points awarded if you can tell me how to limit the bandwidth (and provide lesser quality video) to viewers coming through URL X.

Even better would be if I could create multiple URL X’s… and multiple URL Y’s… that all connected the same meeting… so that if any one participant in the meeting coming from URL Y was causing trouble, their URL could be dissolved and they would have no way of even attempting to re-join the meeting.

Thank you!

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Since there is no interaction for listeners, the live streaming solves the issue