I want participant can't listen other participant only moderator can listen

I want to config following condition:

  1. Participant can’t listen other participant
  2. Moderator can talk one to one participant
    How it’s possible into Jitsi meet.??

That is not possible with Jitsi Meet.

Easy out of box solution is

  1. Implement moderator mic and camera control.
  2. Move all participants in breakout room.
  3. Move one participant with whom moderator wants to talk to main room and allow camera and microphone for this user

there is 100+ peoples in meeting conference so its take time to move one by one participant into the breakout room…is there any other way

I think above is best solution. Not sure of your real use case.
Another approach is
You can program some other way using
feature ‘start silent’.
You can make use of it to have participants start silent. And then somehow refresh page with start silent disabled for one participant after raise hand and moderator allows them to speak.