I want customize the jitsi meet Logo and the URL

Hi folks,
I am installed jitsi meet using docker. I want change the logo and change the logo clicked url.

I want change the exact logo here and if click the jitsi it will take us to jitsi.org. But I need if click the jitsi it will take us to www.mydomain.com.
Please Help me to customize the jitsi in docker

That can be controlled from interface_config.js

To customise for docker, see the “Jitsi-Meet web configuration” in the docs.


Nice its working.
How to change the jitsi logo and the word jitsi

I think that this can we change?? i am not sure about this.
Screenshot from 2021-10-18 17-04-50

Where is the path of images/watermark.svg??
Please Help me

Can I suggest you explore the possible config options and also the contents of /usr/share/jitsi-meet ?

You maybe be able to find your answers there with a bit of trial and error.

Thanks shawn.
I have done that.

I have changed almost but I can’t change the default meet home page.

I want change the Jitsi Meet to MyDomain Meet
Where do I go to change this ??

I think you should try searching the forum first. This is a very common one and has been answered several times. It’s good practice for you, so I won’t repeat what’s already been answered several times.