I preferred the old version

Hi , I saw that you did an update on jitsi meet but personally the big bar in the middle at the bottom is very uncomfortable and you can’t see if you have microphone or video camera on. Personally I preferred the old version. Greetings

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Well, it’s expected that people will have their personal preferences and sometimes, change is hard to immediately appreciate. But from the feedback we’ve seen so far, people LOVE the new toolbar and the changes in the current version. Just give yourself a little bit of time to grow into it, you’ll find it to be more useful (and intuitive). :smiley:


I just used meet.jit.si to test the muting of the microphone and webcamera, they have a line through them when disabled, even if they don’t change shade.

Like yourself, I was not taken by the new look when I first saw it. But then I guess I am not one for change, and I was still getting used to Jitsi as I am quite new to Jitsi. However after using the new UI bar, I actually like it. It is nice to have all the options in one place. I hope you get to like it too.

I like that Security options has moved to More actions.