I need help to be able to place a phone call to a meeting room

Hello, I am a very new user here. Due to the current situation where everyone is confined at home, I have to organize meetings where most attendants, just like me, are not so young, and not so computer experts. While some suggested to Skype or Zoom, JITSI was mentioned to me.
As it is so simple, no registration, emails setup, etc, I would like to be able to use it.

Our consrn is that some of the old attendant do not even have internet, just a phone, land line, and would like to be able to listen.

Can I do this ? they would dial into a number and listen ?

if yes, how can I do this. (please kindly let me have detailed steps)

Thank you for your patience and kind help,

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Yes, I believe you can do that. Click on the Info button 🱨 in the bottom right to see this:


If you click on “More numbers” you’ll be given dial in numbers for other countries.

I haven’t used the phone method yet, so please do reply here with how it works for you and your group.

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Thank you so much Ben,
This is it, and it works just fine.
Easy and simple.

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Thanks for asking this; I have a similar situation with a group switching from freeconference call and wanting video, but some with just phones. Encouraging reply, and glad that it worked for you!

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I’ve since had a chance to have a conference in which one person telephoned in. I was surprised at how well it worked!

Hi every one,

I was very interested by having some participants by phone because we have some people without the internet or any equipment (Thx countryside)
The discussion was a real hope to have everyone in one meeting!

But I can’t make it work.
I’m in France, where were your tries? If in France, have you any ideas of what’s going wrong?

  • I’m calling the french number I find in the meeting room
  • The robot voice asks me connection information
  • I compose de Pin number and “#”
  • then, two choices:
    • the call cuts
    • it’s an identification error, I have to try again, but it finally cuts after 2 ou 3 tries.

Hope we will find somethig.

Thank you,

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I have the same problem. I am also in France. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Perhaps because too many people are using Jitsi now.

Hi! I have no answer to the initial question, but another question to ask the community: how can I know that the phone number provided in the invitation to join the meeting will be “long distance” or free of charge? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi July,

You have few numbers you can call, choose the one in the country you are dialing from, to be free of roaming.

Thank you,

Hello every one,

The solution to my problem was the password.
I was asking a password, and it seems to forbid a phone access to the meeting.

Without password it works almost perfectly for us.
Jomo can this password tip be your answer too?

July as already said, you can choose the number, I hope you found it.

Have a good day,

Hi everyone. I am using number in France 01 84 88 64 78 and it works - for now -

Hi! After trying a video conference with an attendee joining by phone, it is confirmed that the number provided for Canada isn’t free for everyone. If the phone you use to join the conference is located outside Toronto, it is a long-distance call for you. My friend who dialed in the conference using her Montreal cellphone now has a huge bill to pay.

I think it is an issue that should be addressed by Jitsi since the goal is that the service should be free to everybody… and not just for Toronto people :wink:



Yikes, how unfortunate for your friend! Was she on a landline or do Canadian cell phone carriers charge you if you’re calling into a different area code? (In the United States, the phone companies only bilk our old folks with landlines that way.)

If all Canadian phones are charged long distance by area code, you might be asking for more than you think from 8x8 (the angel investor company that funds meet.jit.si). Duckduckgo says there are 42 different areacodes in Canada, so that’d be 42 different phone numbers. That may fit with their goals for the service, but it could also be costly.

Hi there!
I was also struggling to help some people without internet connection to access our meetings with a phone call.
Apparently it doesn’t work at all when you use the same meeting room throughout the days.
But when you create a new room like 30 minutes max before each meeting, it works perfectly.
I got the tip from another friend and it worked.
Hope this helps.

Cheers and thanks for all the above tips, comments, etc.

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