I need a way to automate recorded files to upload to peertube

Hello I need help I want to put in a finalise.sh but am stumbled on the last part

node dist/server/tools/peertube-upload.js --file /usr/local/eb/recordings/xxyqsmonlfnatikq/test_2021-02-19-18-36-16.mp4  --url (peertube instance here) --username (username here) --password (my secure password here) --video-name (video name here)

I do not know how to put in the “–video-name” portion as I don’t know a way to automate names to be given to videos. any help?


There is already a finalize script template in /var/lib/lxc/eb-jibri-template/rootfs/usr/local/bin/finalize_recording.sh You can edit this one. There is VIDEO_NAME param in it

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