I need a help!

I made a live stream android app with Jitsi Sdk,

I want to hide Invite button from it

Pls help me

Check the features flags, it allows you to hide different buttons: Feature flags · Jitsi Meet Handbook

@saghul Ok, I tried and its working but, not able to hide help buttons

What did you try? Please paste the code you tried and what SDK you used?

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.setFeatureFlag(“help.enabled”, false)

Sdk I used :
implementation ('org.jitsi.react:jitsi-meet-sdk:2.+') { transitive = true }

Use the latest SDK, 3.+

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Ya, so now both issues are resolved, so much Thanks to you dear, wish you a good day

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is there some way to programmatically mute/unmute and do others in runtime of meeting

Not at the moment.

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