I just registered

I have a Windows VPS and a standard shared hosting.
As a noob on here, id like to find out or point in the right direction on how to install it on my Windows VPS or even shared hosting but VPS is better.
I have already made my own project using WebRTC but id like to learn more about other projects like this.
My project is free and that’s what I love about this project not like Zoom were you have to pay.
Open source is the best!
I’d be very interested where to start putting this on my Windows VPS.
I think this is better than zoom btw and it’s even better than mine lol
It looks like you can just install it and it works so id like to dig deeper and find out.
if you self host can you have your own logos instead of jitsi?

Anyway, I hope your all well and doing great, and thanks for letting me in.

all the best :slight_smile: