I have no security button

I am using meet.jit,si and have tried 2Chrome and Opera and get no button for security options. I tried a different server and DID get one, (after choosing settings and more)

I got a warning about my weak room name and was told to use the security button, so clearly there should be one hiding somewhere.

You’re saying you don’t see “Security Options” in the ensuing menu list when you click on the ellipsis (3 dots)?

My menu seems to be cut off at “start recording” obscured by browser bookmarks and the URL area.
If I turn off the visibility of the bookmarks bar, (which obscures “live recording”) I get

So looks like the issue here is more a usability issue where there is no way to access the full menu if one’s window height is too small. And AFAIK it is not currently possible to access that menu using keyboard shortcuts.

One way you can work around it would be to customise your experience by reducing the options in the toolbar, which means a smaller popup menu and access to everything you need.

For example, try joining this meeting: Jitsi Meet

I generated that URL using Jitsi URL Generator and unchecking items from the Toolbar section.

I am just learning it’s a usability problem now. I didn’t know my menu was cut short until now. Is there a way to set that generated url improvement as a default? The fix is part of the url, not of the room so that anyone I invite won’t have a security button if they don’t have a large screen.

You can change the defaults in configs if you deploy your own server, but not if you’re using a server hosted by someone else e.g. meet.jit.si. Alternatively, you can host your own landing page for your meeting using the IFrame API and override the configs that way, but this involves a little bit of web development and hosting the page somewhere.

But those are really just a workaround rather than a proper solution. Menu items should ideally be visible no matter the screen size (within reason), so this begs the question of whether this should be raised as a UX bug. Screen resolution of 800x600 (which I’m guessing is what your screen resolution is) or smaller on Desktop is no longer very common these days and seldom tested for.

@saghul is this something within your radar?

I’m on a Lenovo laptop with display resolution 1360 x 768 with my chrome browser taking the full page and I get the aforementioned cut off menu. Only worse because I need my bookmarks bar displayed.
So I would say UX bug. But now I have a workaround!

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