I have integrated jitsi-meet android sdk and not able to get callbacks on hangup button click and others


I have integrated android sdk in my Android project only but i’m not able to get callbacks of buttons click.

What have you tried? What problems do you observe?

I have integrate jitsi-meet android sdk in my Android -java code and i have implement FCM push notification for calling so caller will call to receiver and receiver receive call after im showing them jitsi view for video call but when from both of them any one hangup the call how i can notify to each other ?? who hangup the call ? can i get the callbacks onhangup click ???

Below mentioned sdk I’m using
//Jitsi sdk
implementation(‘org.jitsi.react:jitsi-meet-sdk:2.5.1’) { transitive = true }

After implementing the code how i can get the all events callbacks ?

This method will be called when you press hangup: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/1b6c5a714153b7186ac783e470ebd36633b3c7d0/android/sdk/src/main/java/org/jitsi/meet/sdk/JitsiMeetActivity.java#L218

Currently there is no event when a particcipant leaves, but you should be able to work it out on your backend and trigger a hangup with the leave() method in the activity.

if the group call is running and any one user leave the call then caller will notify ?? in any callbacks ???

No, there will be no event in that case, sorry.

Is there any apis are available for getting call logs ???


I’m getting callback of hangup event in JitsiMeetActivity and get log this event called but not able to get in Myactivity i have also implement JitsiMeetViewListener interface for getting callbacks but not able to get it

    public void onConferenceTerminated(Map<String, Object> map) {

How us the code you have, it’s impossible to read your mind. Also, why are you building your own Activity? We already provide one, can’t you extend it?

I’m trying to integrate Jitsi in my Flutter Application and want to develop app like Whatsapp so i have used your android sample app but unfortunately i’m not getting callbacks on hangup and also want to call hangup on event execution in case where two users video call ongoing then from both if anyone hangup then other will be notified
Can you share me demo link where i can implement Jitsimeetactivity as extended ?

Our very own Jitsi Meet app does it: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/97e8a6c3f3ffa99beca5e931ec66e4cdd6f69555/android/app/src/main/java/org/jitsi/meet/MainActivity.java#L44

But where i have to add parameters for room name ?? in this demo ?? i don’t want to use your userinterface as welcome screen. I will pass it from other screen

Obviously our main activity is tailored to OUR needs. You need to make your own changes, but so far you haven’t told me what those are.

Share your Activity and we’ll take it from there, otherwise this is a waste of everyone’s time.

We are integrating Jitsi Android sdk in Flutter Project and want to implement Video call using firebase for push notifications we got success for calling,receiving and video call integration but not able to close Jitsi Activity video view after hangup the video call for that we need to dispose JitsimeetActivity.

Our Main Activity Code

messageChannel.setMessageHandler((s, reply) -> {
Log.e(“Message Received”, s);
if (s.equalsIgnoreCase(“leave”)) {
////Here we want to dispose JitsiMeetActivity

            // Initialize default options for Jitsi Meet conferences.
            URL serverURL;
            try {
                serverURL = new URL("https://meet.jit.si");
            } catch (MalformedURLException e) {
                throw new RuntimeException("Invalid server URL!");
            JitsiMeetUserInfo userInfo = new JitsiMeetUserInfo();

            try {
                userInfo.setAvatar(new URL("https://randomuser.me/api/portraits/lego/5.jpg"));
            } catch (MalformedURLException e) {
            JitsiMeetConferenceOptions defaultOptions
                    = new JitsiMeetConferenceOptions.Builder()

            JitsiMeetConferenceOptions options
                    = new JitsiMeetConferenceOptions.Builder()

            JitsiMeetActivity.launch(this, options);```

we have used this code from your sample app

Or can your guide me how i can pass room name ?? and dispose current running conference video call ?
or can your share me android sdk url with xml implementation not in react native so we can solve our issue and integrate in Flutter ??

You are already doing it with setRoom.

You’d need to keep a reference to the current activity you launched with JitsiMeetActivity.launch, and call leave() on it.

Sorry i’m not able to understand what are you trying to say can you please explain in detail ?? Because i’m launching JitsiMeeetActivity from it so not able to call ```leave()`` this method

I see.

I think what you should do in this case is to subclass JitsiMeetActivity into something like MyJitsiMeetActivity. Then override https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/97e8a6c3f3ffa99beca5e931ec66e4cdd6f69555/android/sdk/src/main/java/org/jitsi/meet/sdk/JitsiMeetActivity.java#L218 and do whatever you want before calling super. Then don’t forget to do MyJitsiMeetActivity.launch.