I have a problem with dropbox integration

As shown in the picture, these settings are only mine
But when recording the conversation, any user asks him to access the his dropbox account
I want it to automatically register on the account that I set the private key to without making the user make auth with his account dropbox
finally thanks.

Welcome to the community.

If I understand correctly, you’re saying you don’t want users to need to authenticate before recording to Dropbox. But you’re the using iFrame API against meet.jit.si. You don’t have that level of control to implement what (I think) you’re asking. If you host your own Jitsi server, you can use the finalize script to direct the storage location, including the type of authentication you want.

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thanks mr:Freddie
yes you understand me right
thanks for replay second how can i implement that with php script and cpanel shared step by step

You can’t if you’re running iFrame against meet.jit.si. You need to host your own Jitsi server.

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ok any tutorial about that with cpanel

No, you need a linux server. You could use a VM.

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