I have a permanent user named Jitster

After the meeting ends, after a couple of hours pass, and I open that same room again, the user Jitster is still there and is designated a moderator.

No one knows how this user got there.

We are not requiring login for Hosts, and I was wondering if someone could have somehow created this non-volatile moderator and saved it in a way that bypasses the regular Jitsi workflow of destroying all persistent data when the last member of the conference leaves?

Are you using prosody 0.10? We have seen such reports for it, upgrading to 0.11 will fix it.
If you restart prosody that participant will disappear.

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Hi @damencho please tell me how i kick out(remove) user or participant using jitsi meet external api
i have used this event is not working please tell me how i kickout participant when custom button click please
tell me

Replying to damencho.

Damencho, I updated Prosody 0.10.x to Porsody 0.11.5

I ran /etc/init.d/jicofo restart && /etc/init.d/jitsi-videobridge2 restart && /etc/init.d/prosody restart

and systemctl restart apache2

I now have “Fellow Jitster” as the only member of the conference, I am not listed, and audio and video are off by default and I cannot enable them.

I backed up prosody.cfg.lua to prosody.cfg.lua.old so I can restore what was there before, but this persistent “Fellow Jitster” moderator seems to have taken control of the system.

I can just delete the existing instance of Jitsi and re-install. We haven’t set up anything other than point the services to the SSL certificate.

I deleted the installation of Jitsi and re-installed, and the problem went away.