I had a problem installing jibri

Hi manager!
I deployed the jitsi-meet and jibri on one server, and there were problems when I started jibri

  1. Is it deployed on the same server?
  2. How to solve the error problem?

What Java version are you using?

Also, ping @bbaldino

Can you include the entire jibri log from when you try starting it up? They’re in /var/log/jitsi/jibri.

Thanks for your reply!
I checked the log and got a real error

How can I solve this problem!

hi! I’m using Java 11.0.6

Do you have a firewall that would prevent jibri from connecting to the XMPP server?

Thanks for your reply!I thought I had solved the problem, but I made a mistake when I started recording

How can I solve this problem!

Make sure to run Jibri with java 8.