I can't share the screen

Why when I click on Share Screen I am thrown out of both JitsiMeet and browser Google Chrome?


What version of Chrome are you using? What operation system?

Chrome: 83.0.4103.116 updated
W10 64 bit: Build 18363 updated

It would seem that you are not alone.

This isn’t a Jitsi Meet issue but something related to a combination of Windows and Chrome (and new Edge)

One person said:

when I disabled SWusb.exe I was able to share my screen.

I am not sure about SWusb (Realtek Wireless LAN Utility?) Maybe if you have that process you can try stopping it to see if it makes a difference.

Also, do you have one or multiple monitors?

I’m having trouble share my screen using a Mac with Chromium. Any recommendations?

Figured it out. Don’t use Chromium. :slight_smile:

I have only one monitor.
I verified, it is a compatibility problem with Crhome.
I installed Firefox and the problem was solved.
Thank you.