I can't see when someone else connect to my meet and conection is lost (for both)

Hi there. Yesterday I installed Jitsi on Oracle Cloud (Ampere machine), and the installation was successful.
I can create a meet, but when another person connects to it, I cannot see the other person’s camera and the connection status icon, for both, changes to “lost”.
The browser console shows a problem with a GET to “host/colibri-ws/default-id/some_random_hash” returning a 403 error.

Also I have this exception in the console:

2021-10-21T00:15:39.347Z [JitsiMeetJS.js] <getGlobalOnErrorHandler>:  UnhandledError: RTCPeerConnection is gone (did you enter Offline mode?) Script: null Line: null Column: null StackTrace:  O/e.RTCPeerConnection.prototype.getStats@https://*******/libs/lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=5465:2:246019

2021-10-21T00:15:39.348Z [modules/statistics/RTPStatsCollector.js] <1946/Mn.prototype.errorCallback>:  Get stats error DOMException: RTCPeerConnection is gone (did you enter Offline mode?)

What can be the source of my problem?
Thanks in advance =)

maybe the source of your problem is obvious for someone having deep knowledge of Oracle Cloud, but that’s not me. It would be interesting to give more precisions. First did you do a vanilla quick install on a supported OS (Debian, Ubuntu) ? if not the potential for errors is great and it would be usefull to give a lot of details on your config, what you did. If yes the problem is most probably a firewall problem (I guess that Oracle Cloud is following the trend of protecting server admins against themselves), or maybe a hostname problem (certificate error)

Is jvb on the same host or on a seperate host?

Actually it was my fault. In Oracle I had created the rule for the port 10000 incorrectly (I had put TCP instead of UDP)

Thanks both anyway =)