I can't see all cameras in the pop-up list

Hi all,

I have 5 or 6 camera devices (virtual and real). In the toolbar popup on meet.jit.si, I can only see the first three. It seems to me there should be a scrollbar there?

I have an older meet install (2.0.5390-1) where I can scroll down the list.

All the cameras are visible and work fine from the three dots → settings box.

Is there a UI tweak I can do to get the scrollbar back, or is this a bug?

I saw it mentioned somewhere else, this is a bug, we will look into it.

That was probably me again in the “install & config” section, but then I realised this was probably the better forum for bug reports. Thanks for looking into it!

On windows you can press the tab to move down and select the hidden entries. The whole page glitches and scrolls up, but you’re able to get to those hidden devices.

Ah, that’s a good workaround, thanks! It works on Mac/Chrome as well.