I can't record and save the video


You need to select the current tab of the meeting in the dialog that appears.

Eu selecionei, mas ele grava a tela do meu computador e não a conversa como era anteriormente.

Yep, this is the local recording option.

Não tem mais a outra opção? Era tão boa!

So yeah, this is also happening to me. I’m on a Linux system using Chrome. I can only record a video of me and my voice, somewhat useless don’t you think?

E uma problema nao e? Portuges nao e minha lingua nativa, mas posso falar um pouco.

@damencho Choosing the current tab doesn’t work either. I have only two tabs and tried both, one of which was the current tab, both had the same error message. This needs fixing.

What browser and version is this? Can you upload the js console logs?

I may have to wait a few days, I’m a new user and your system won’t let me upload anything yet.

Use gist and share the link to it https://gist.github.com/

Here’s the link: gist:18886da779d266f0f79790b985ff5917 · GitHub

BTW the browser is Chrome Version 105.0.5195.125 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Does that mean you won’t have the dropbox option anymore?

I see this in the logs 2022-09-13T23:16:49.497Z [features/recording] Capture failed Error: WrongSurfaceSelected.
This means you either selected the wrong tab, or you didn’t select a tab (screen or window).
I just tested the feature on meet.jit.si and it works if you select the correct tab

Excellent feature!!!

thanks a lot, also working on own server with latest stable build (and Google Chrome only)

currently not available on Jitsi Meet Electron app, I guess we have to wait for the update (?)

@robertpin As I said I tried all the screens and none worked. The current code is broken at least in Chrome. I’m a software engineer and I know what I’m doing.

@cnobile Can you use meet.jit.si select the correct tab as shown here Recording failed to start please select the current tab - #4 by shawn
and get the entire js console logs and publish them here so we can investigate.

Shawn’s image is a bit clearer about what to do. However, the same screen shows up in the “Entire Screen” view and that’s the one I’ve been choosing. Logic would say that I was correct in what I did. Chrome has a feature that allows users to create an on-window icon to go directly to a given Chrome tab, this is what I have set up on my system so I don’t have to use a tab in the standard browser window. This may also explain why the correct screen shows up in the “Entire Screen” tab in your selection box but doesn’t work.

So yes it now seems to work fine, but it certainly was not clear what to choose and where to find what to choose. I still consider this a bug if not in code definitely in the documentation that the user sees when trying to record.


Indeed the default selection for that window is on “Entire Screen” and users will just have to know to choose “Chrome Tab”, then select the correct tab for the recording to work. It’s not ideal, and I suspect this will be a source of friction for a lot of users, but alas it’s not a behaviour that can be changed at the moment because Jitsi relies on browser features to access the media.

This will improve over time as better options are provided by Chrome. I’ve touched on this a little in my post here – Make it easier to select current tab for local recording

Perhaps an option might be to first show a popup with explicit instructions for how to dance the dance, with a checkbox to “don’t show me this next time” so it doesn’t annoy you going forward. This might help new users. Maybe.

The text says Make sure you select the current tab in order to use the right video and audio., any suggestions on how that can be improved?
And also the error says: Please select the current tab..

selecciona la pestaña correcta