I can't record and save the video

Today I realized that dropbox can no longer be used and the new function does not allow me to record video, only audio

Which browser are you using?

Server: meet.jit.si

Browser: Safari, no option to record

Browser: Firefox, no option to record

Browser: Chrome, option appears to save but only local recording

If I’m reading it correctly, looks like recording is not enabled in https://meet.jit.si/config.js ?


I don’t see a block for recordingService.enabled: true in there, and the old fileRecordingEnabled option is set to false.

Yep, we switch meet.jit.si recently to local recording. That is not available to Safari due to browser limitations.

Interesting. So no more Jibri-based recording and only local recording in meet.jit.si?

Yep, this is what it is at the moment.

Estou usando pelo Chrome e não consigo gravar sem ser na versão onde só sai minha câmera e minha voz. O que fazer?


You need to select the current tab of the meeting in the dialog that appears.

Eu selecionei, mas ele grava a tela do meu computador e não a conversa como era anteriormente.

Yep, this is the local recording option.

Não tem mais a outra opção? Era tão boa!

So yeah, this is also happening to me. I’m on a Linux system using Chrome. I can only record a video of me and my voice, somewhat useless don’t you think?

E uma problema nao e? Portuges nao e minha lingua nativa, mas posso falar um pouco.

@damencho Choosing the current tab doesn’t work either. I have only two tabs and tried both, one of which was the current tab, both had the same error message. This needs fixing.

What browser and version is this? Can you upload the js console logs?

I may have to wait a few days, I’m a new user and your system won’t let me upload anything yet.

Use gist and share the link to it https://gist.github.com/

Here’s the link: gist:18886da779d266f0f79790b985ff5917 · GitHub

BTW the browser is Chrome Version 105.0.5195.125 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Does that mean you won’t have the dropbox option anymore?