I can't connect to my server with android app

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I reviewed the previous topics and none gave me a solution, so I opened a new thread.

I installed a fresh jitsi on ubuntu 18 in a vps service, which works perfectly from any browser.
When installing I put my own Comodo SSL certificates.
Web browsers indicate valid certificate, but when trying to connect to the android app, the connection is not established. (has been disconnected…)
monitoring the nginx logs, they do not move (tail -f access.log & tail -f error.log).
there are no errors in prosody either (tail -f /var/log/prosody/prosody.err)
there are also no entries in jicofo.log or jvb.log
I don’t know where to start looking.
Any idea?


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This is probably because the full cert chain is not on the server.

When the chain is missing, Jitsi Meet may work in the browser but not in the apps.

See I can not connect to jitsi with the Android app

Hope this helps!

Thank you
This weekend we have a service interruption for maintenance, I see there to solve the problem.
Thank you again