I can not use camera in Jitsi

I have a problem when I want to use camera. I am using iMac from Apple. When I try to connect camera the screen show a message that it say “The resolution is not correct. I have looking for exchange it resolution but it can not possible in Jitsi meet.
I would like somebody help me.

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Does it work with other applications and web sites ?

You can perform a web browser camera test at https://test.webrtc.org/ .

Yes, it works with other applications and web sites. I have checked and I send to you image with the result-

Well, your screenshot indicates it’s not working - all red X! This seems to be macOS.

In macOS Safari has system settings that need adjusting to let the browser get permissions for audio and video on your webcam.

See (don’t forget to check/change the macOS version at the top):

Please come back and report here if this worked so I can properly document it. Thanks in advance!

I have tried the instructions indicating about the safari browser tools but everything remains the same. The problem it indicates is that the resolution is not supported. I guess there will be more people using Jitse meet with the safari browser.
Please have a solution?