I can not share screen on PC web。

Sorry, i have 2 problems.

  1. When i share screen when the room only 2 person, it’s OK.

But when more person, others only see black. A moment later, error in the console like this:

[modules/connectivity/IceFailedHandling.js]<s._conference.jvbJingleSession.terminate.reason>: session-terminate for ice restart - error: undefined

I don’t konw what’s rong, and what should i do.

when click stop share screen. console error.

`[modules/xmpp/JingleSessionPC.js] JingleSessionPC[session=JVB,initiator=false,sid=au947ssg7ejer] removeTrack failed`

Then i can’t share screen anymore.

log error:

[modules/xmpp/JingleSessionPC.js] JingleSessionPC[session=JVB,initiator=false,sid=au947ssg7ejer] Replace track error: Error: The queue has been stopped

[JitsiConference.js] replaceTrack failed: Error: The queue has been stopped

Is these then web front-end error? Or i should config the jvb?

  1. sometimes i see this error [modules/statistics/RTPStatsCollector.js] <nn._processAndEmitReport>: No participant ID returned by LocalTrack[2,video]

when this error show, i can’t share too.

Welcome to the forum.

Can you successfully host a 3-party meeting (no need to screenshare)?


Only share screen faild

I download stable from https://codeload.github.com/jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet/tar.gz/refs/tags/stable-8319
Then i publish to my centerOS Linux.



This is result.


Then i open then url. All is ok except share screen.

Just to be clear, you’re saying if you do a test meeting with three or more participants, everything works fine until you try to do a screenshare?

What’s your server network speed (upload and download)?

100M bandwidth。



That’s the problem. Your network bandwidth is insufficient to support the streams. It will work for a limited number of participants without screensharing because simulcast will just downscale the resolution. But for screensharing, the resolution is fixed at high so you need more upload (and even download) speed.

OK。I will tell my boss and try later.

Do we also have this problem when using the intranet?

Depends on the network conditions.

in top image, above is mee.jit.si. below is mine. Only two person the P2P connect is OK . But the JVB is always disconnect.

like this

so, I cannot share screen more than 2 person.

So your bridge (JVB) is not working then. I asked you this several times and you said you’re able to successfully host a meeting with 3 users. It’s impossible to help you if you’re not providing right information when asked.

What errors do you see in your browser console when you try to run a meeting with 3 people?

Sorry, it’s my problem. I misunderstood. We now have a different deployment and don’t install it with Docker, and it works. May be we do some wrong config.