I can not connect to jitsi with the Android app

So, are the following accurate conclusions?

  • You cannot connect Android devices to a Jitsi server unless the Jitsi server has a registered domain name and full chain certificates.

  • A Jitsi server using an IP cannot accept connections form an Android device.

The consequence of the above conclusions is that a person wishing to deploy a Jitse server has to purchase or already own a domain name from a domain registrar in order to serve Android clients. I take it this is an Android requirement that cannot be overcome. A very subtle domain name registrar “tax”, if you will – all in the name of security.

you need to verify domain from this link https://www.digicert.com/help/

thank @agustusburg for you comment, it work to me,
Efectivamente comentar en docker el tipo de cifrado , resuelve el problema de compatibilidad aunque puede abrir un hueco de seguridad.

I even have the full certificate chain in my nginx config, but still the android app fails to connect.
It shows me " ConnectionError.other ", dont know what this is supposed to mean. When I searched for it I ended up in this thread, but I already have the certificates installed correctly