I am using "jitsi meet" in Flutter. I want to get rid of the menu tabs on the call screen

I want to hide this part.Please tell me how to do that. I’ve added the code for “featureFlags” below the image, and I wrote the code for “var options = JitsiMeetingOptions(room: url)” below the image.

My code

Future<void> joinMeeting(String url, WidgetRef ref, String docid) async {
  Map<FeatureFlagEnum, bool> featureFlags = {
    FeatureFlagEnum.WELCOME_PAGE_ENABLED: false,
    FeatureFlagEnum.ADD_PEOPLE_ENABLED: false,
    FeatureFlagEnum.CALENDAR_ENABLED: false,
    FeatureFlagEnum.CALL_INTEGRATION_ENABLED: false,
    FeatureFlagEnum.CHAT_ENABLED: false,
    FeatureFlagEnum.INVITE_ENABLED: false,
    FeatureFlagEnum.LIVE_STREAMING_ENABLED: false,
    FeatureFlagEnum.MEETING_NAME_ENABLED: true,
    FeatureFlagEnum.MEETING_PASSWORD_ENABLED: true,
    FeatureFlagEnum.TOOLBOX_ALWAYS_VISIBLE: false,
  var options = JitsiMeetingOptions(room: url)

You can’t …

You would need to build you own custom jitsi server using jitsi-meet-lib to build the toolbar look you want


Do you know how to make it happen in Flutter?

If you do, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know.

As I said you would have to create your custom layout on your jitsi server. Using lib-jitsi-meet

Flutter is just actually using a wrapper of the react sdk on an frame that paints the look your server has built.

Flutter is just a client for jitsi

I dont know if I’m being clear

I have no problem hiding it.
I want to make this option button invisible.

Again ITS NOT implemented

You would need to do you own custom layout or modify the SDK (native not with flutter)

Where exactly I don’t know