I am using jitsi_meet: ^4.0.0 plugin for flutter and I want to hide some toolbar options, how can I do that please?

I want to disable video sharing or audio options for some audience and I can’t find a way to do that. It gives the option to mute by default but the user can unmute it which I don’t want.

Thanks in advance for help.

You have two options

in the config.js file of your server

Under the TOOLBAR Just erase the buttons you want disappear. This will apply for all the conferences in your jitsi box.

Also possible using the override_config option when you are creating the jitsi object in your app… this can be used if you want to customize per conference based.

I tried updating config.js file does not affect flutter app UI, it affects web browser UI only. Am I missing something?

Can u share your code to look check it out ?