I am trying to add the event "on-stage-participant-changed" in external-apis doesn't fire calling it, all other previous events works good

i am trying to add listener to the event when we pin/unpin a user or move to large video, but not working after i added it in external-api file in events variable the following line : ‘on-stage-participant-changed’: ‘onStageParticipantChanged’, i am doing it correctly, thanks in advance.

CAn you rephrase? Not sure I understood the problem.

Hello, thank you for your reply, i added this event “on-stage-participant-changed” in external api, and i’m using a listener for the iframe integrated, it’s not listening to it.

Test use case : it’s when i move to tile view and i pin other users:

in jitsi => the event i can see it it’s fired in this function “notifyOnStageParticipantChanged”

from iframe with event listener => not getting any response of the event ‘on-stage-participant-changed’

There is already such an event. You can listen to it with the largeVideoChanged event. IS that not working?