I am the the host button doesn't work on microsoft surface

Just installed jitsi server and it works great except for one little hitch. The only system I have with a camera is a microsoft surface. for some reason, when I bring up the jitsi site in any browser on that system I cannot click on the “i am the host” button. If I mouse over it it changes color but clicking on it produces nothing.

on my desktop (no cam/mic) I can click on it and start a vid conf so I know the issue is only on my laptop. I checked all the browser settings, disabled the antivirus, tried chrome and firefox… nothing seams to work.

If I join a conf as a participant, everything works fine. It’s only when I try to be the host.

Any thoughts?

interestingly, if I start a new “incognito” browser window in chrome it works…

hi Ashcor,

im also having this issue either with chrome or firefox. but with from windows 7 or my handphone popup username and password appear. looking forward if someone solved this issue.


the fix seems to be to reset chrome browser back to default settings although you might try first just clearing out all the cache and history;

put: “chrome:history” into the address bar and then select “clear browsing data”

if that doesn’t work delete everything from:

C:\Users<Your Username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

NOTE: this will delete all your stored passwords, favorites etc…