I am looking for developer to insert features in jitsi

I need a fork of Jitsi with additional features. I want to use all open source solutions so as to minimize any bugs.

Each room would consist of a maximum of 4/5 people, one who transmits the other 4 they receive, the sessions last 8/12 hours each. (you have to use the right resolution that doesn’t consume too many GB to transmit)
It is used by mobile, it is necessary to understand if it is better to use Jitsi App or web app.

I’ll list the additional features I need:

  • VIDEO AND AUDIO RECORDING WITH SPEECH TO TEXT; I noticed that Jitsi has various solutions.
    I need the audio that records the single that transmits, to be transcribed and send notifications when the words that I put on a list are preset. (Italian language)
    You need to use a free technology because with google speech to text it costs too much.

Registrations must remain available for at least three days. to store them we use Google Drive.

  • NOTIFICATIONS ARISING FROM THE WRITING OF SPEECH TO TEXT, notifications must be sent when the system detects the pronunciation of a word previously entered in a list of keywords, preset by me.

  • TIMELINE DAILY SUMMARY of the events occurred deriving from the notifications, viewable with scroll;

  • TIMELINE of daily start/ stop streaming and their permanent saving in a DB.

  • ACCESS TO THE PAID ROOM, a monthly payment is required to be paid via Paypal. In case of non-payment, the room cannot be used;

  • AN ADMIN of all the rooms that I create to see if they are online and if they have paid

I look forward to yours, I am available for any clarification.

Contact me directly angeltisalvalavita@gmail.com