I am a newbie, so apologies for my stupid questions

Yesterday i came across Jitsi and i have installed it on a DigitalOcean VM. So far all good - i had some demo meetings with a friend.
I am helping in these times of crises 1 hospital who wants to help COVID infected patients. The idea is that the doctors can do some preliminary video sessions with possible infected patients and see if they need to go to hospital or they can remain in quarantine at home.
I want to use something OpenSource ( or… else i will use zoom).
Since i do not have too much time to dig through all the configs, maybe someone has time to explain me if these requirements can be accomplished with Jitsi:

  1. option to save video (from the moderator side)
  2. secure access to jitsi https endpoint (multiple users).
  3. I know that the moderator can add a password to a meeting, is there a way to do this by default/automatically?
  4. Can we limit the users that will join the conference? For example I would think that every doctor/nurse will have its own meetingRoom … and only 1 patient should be able to access it at one time.
  5. the patient/user should be able to join the room ONLY AFTER the moderator has already joined in.
  6. Is there an API?.. or is there a plan to provide one? - maybe for creating rooms / users / permissions.

The basic desire is that only the doctor/nurse + the patient can/should be in one room at a time.
Thank you kindly in advance for your time to respond.
And congrats to everyone involved in this project… i imagine there is a lot of work behind.

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