HW for jitsi - celeron, or odroid cluster

I am looking into the idea of running jitsi on a small fairly silent (and fairly cheap) computer. I came across a couple of variants of small systems that would be fun, but would they work?

The obvious solution is something like an older poweredge with plenty of memory and twin cpus with a high core count and a hypervisor to run all my experiments. However, they are loud and use a lot of power. If they were silent I could use it for home heating. :slight_smile:

My first jitsi install seems to be ok on the acer laptop, I have it on, running on a hypervisor. The only problem with the laptop is that it maxes out at 20gb - 4gb soldered and a 16gb stick. Many of the same model have two removable sticks but this one doesn’t.

I have come across two little servers that might do the job for me.

  1. A celeron based system that supports 32gb. I don’t recall whether it was a 2 core or a 4 core model.

  2. An odroid based “cluser” with 4 “nodes” each with 2gb memory and a high core count. (Total 8gb memory and 32 cores).

Both low power and quiet.

I assume that the celeron would be fine for the purpose, much more doubtful about whether the odroid would get past the starting line.

One of my fundamental gaps is knowledge is whether jitsi is more cpu constrained, or more memory constrained. (e.g. Celeron with 32gb vs Xeon with 8gb )

Any comments welcome. If I buy before the 31 dec, I can offset it in this financial year. :wink:

Neither. Jitsi is actually mostly bandwidth-constrained. If you’re not planning on hosting Jibri, either server would work fine (depending on the number of concurrent meetings/users you’re planning on hosting).

this is really low for Jitsi-meet, even for a videobridge only config. If you are running this at home this could not matter too much since most home setup have bad bandwidth too, especially in the upload direction (provider for home customers are optimizing for the other direction) so the load could not be very high. If you want a silent and energy saving computer a Raspberry 4 with 8 Gb and a properly sized cooling should do. There is no need for more for small meetings.

Thanks folks. Looks like the celeron with 4 cores and 32gb memory would be a decent choice. Whatever I choose it will be running in a VM of some sort in any case.