Unable to receive call from mobile using jigasi on aws


Give more details? What is not working? What deployment are you using,


It work by registering a SIP account awhile installing it so jitsi know where he can direct outgoing calls if some one in a meeting want to invite a mobile or phone user into a meeting

This part currently work perfectly

The problem is the incoming calls

So specific to this user . i have 2 components at there SIP setup

Proxy and Freeswitch

What is registered to jitsi is the proxy

So when call is coming from proxy it is working fine

However i want to use free switch for incoming calls because only at free switch they can define call id

i can’t do that at proxy side

Now the challenge is that jitsi is responding only to where it is registered “Proxy”

So when incoming call come from free switch it is not responding at all

Now what I need you to do is:
accept invitations from any source regardless of registry


This is currently not possible.