HowTo use Jitsi Meet to remotely control another participant's shared screen

This feature is available to participants using Firefox and Chrome/Chromium (I didn’t test others).

The side that will be controlled needs to run the Jitsi Meet Electron desktop application available for GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows (scroll down to Installation).

Note : You can control another desktop but you can not share control of your desktop if you are using a web browser to access a Jitsi Meet meeting.

Once participants are in a meeting, at the top right (tile view) or bottom left (thumbnail view) of the other participant menu, below Kick out and Mute you will see another option, Remote control.

The remote participant will get a request to approve the remote access request. Only then will it be possible to control the remote screen.

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Is there a requirement for the app, because on version 2.3.1 I can’t seem to see that option.
Nor on my standalone server, nor both users using the Jitsi Electron app.


It has been disabled for security reasons.

Oh, that’s sad.

How can i enable this feature? Can you help or explain to us?
Thank you.

I don’t think you can use this anymore, short of changing source code, even when using the older version. I haven’t needed it and won’t in the near future so I am not researching this actively.

This is usefull feature, that I have found only in zoom. It schould be avaliable. I am using it when teaching remotely to fix students code on their own computers. They have their own environment and I need to fix it right there at theirs computer. Zoom has it. I am fan of opensource, but this policy will go nowhere for jitsi. I will pass with opensource then.

I tutor computer science online, and the ability to point at the relevant portion of source code, and to insert comments is essential. I realize it’s a potential security issue, but it would be nice if there was at least some way to opt-in. Jitsi is a really impressive software, but without this feature, for me, Zoom remains as the de facto standard.