Howto jitsi meet one-to-many?

Hi, just discovering jitsi thru its online version ( I would like to do a live video stream of a lecture to multiple recipients. So no need for a true videoconferencing setup : just streaming the lecture to the recipients (with option to ask audio questions or even by chat if easier).

Is there a way of doing this without the direct streaming option with obliges me to use Youtube ? If not, can other streaming services be used (such as mixer f.ex.)? And if so, how to set this up ?

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You can have your own deployment and set it up to use different streaming service. Currently there is no config for that which implies code changes of jibri and also setting up everything is not an easy task.

that’s kinda advanced level I guess. Would it be possible in that case to have multiple users hook in the video conferencing room, but only seeing the screen of the person who initiated the screen (like a full screen f.ex.) and not the ones of the other participants ?

Are communications encrypted in such a scenario, and if not, is there a way to make them so ?

Everything is encrypted, what you are looking for does not exist.

If you really need just one-to-many (as opposed to “a few to many”), you don’t need video conferencing: find a streaming service that you like (youtube, twitch, facebook) and use it directly.


yea, but that makes everything publicly available on my streaming page no ? I’d like it to remain private. It’s also not very clear to me whether these services are encrypted or not…

But couldn’t the streamer be the only one activating his camera, and the others who join the room only the audio ? Then is there a possibility to do a full screen of the streamer ? This would obtain the desired result…
Other thingy : is there an easy way to video record the meeting ?

I stream yogaclasses from one to many by configuring jitsi-meet to mute the microphone and video on all participants except the first one that join the conference.
The students can ask questions by holding down space, or by temporarily enable the microphone.
jitsi automatically focus the host of the class because its microphone is active and is receiving speech.

Our configuration that makes jitsi-meet more teacher student friendly:

// Start the conference in audio only mode (no video is being received nor
// sent).
startAudioOnly: false,
// Every participant after the Nth will start audio muted.
startAudioMuted: 1,
// Every participant after the Nth will start video muted.
startVideoMuted: 1,
// Require users to always specify a display name.
requireDisplayName: true,
// Disable hiding of remote thumbnails when in a 1-on-1 conference call.
disable1On1Mode: true,

// If true all users without a token will be considered guests and all users
// with token will be considered non-guests. Only guests will be allowed to
// edit their profile.
enableUserRolesBasedOnToken: true,
// Disable guests, participants, to password protect the room
lockRoomGuestEnabled: false,

p2p: {
        // Force all connections to use the jvb
        enabled: false,

that’s how I thought doing using the web interface. Only problem is that other side can’t get in when he’s trying to join the url I sent him. Waiting for a reply from the devs…