HOWTO install jitsi-meet-turnserver


There’s a debian package called jitsi-meet-turnserver. Is this a package that I can install on a different server to install a turn server that will work with Jitsi?

If so, are there extra steps to do in prosody config?


You need to make sure this part of the config is correct:

And in config.js all useStunTurn are true.

Wow, thanks for the super fast reply. I really appreciate it.

So on the separate server, I just install jitsi-meet-turnserver, and modify the configs as specified above?

Do I need to install co-turn itself, or will jitsi-meet-turnserver install any dependencies?

Correct, it depends on coturn.

Try it out, check whether you can install it without errors on a different machine. Share your results …
If not you can just install coturn and use the template we use when installing it:
Make sure you create valid certificates and use it, otherwise turns does not work.