Howto: Calendar integration Microsoft Azure and Jitsi

Hello guys, where do i find a tutorial or explanation how to integrate the microsoft calendar into jitsi. This is a bit old and doesn´t explain the whole integration process.

And unfortunately now azure is responsible for apps. I created the app as good as i could but it doesn´t work.

Would be great to find some help. Thanks in advance.


Hello Alvaro,

Did you find the solution ?


No, i didn´t. it would be really great if someone is able to tell me what to do…

You need an on premise jitsi-meet server.
on premise jitsi-meet server

Here to connect to Azure

It works fine for me.


Dear, I will appreciate your help.

I have created the app in azure and configured the api id in the config.js file but I do not get successful integration with the calendar.

I only manage to put my o365 username and password in the window to connect with calendar, but once the username and password are entered, nothing happens. It is still there as if nothing had entered.