How's react-native sdk are different from native sdk( android / ios)

Hi Team,

i wanted to know is native sdk (android/ios) are different from react-native implementation or is it same
because i wanted to build a react native app using jitsi so i was thinking native sdk’s will be better then react-native because react-native is the just wrapper of the react sdk.

Our native SDKs use React Native under the hood.

We are in the process of building a React Native SDK, which would avoid the native wrapper that our native SDKs have.

Functionally they’ll be the same since they are based on the same technology.

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Thank you saghul,
if you don’t mind can i know the timeline for React Native SDK, and how to use jitsi meet in react native?

We are close to getting a first alpha version for iOS ready. It’s part of Google Summer of Code. We’ll publish it once ready.

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