How we disable/remove Kick Out option

Hi i have integrated jitsi-meet external API in my web application. but i want to disable/remove kick out option for specific Participants. Is it possible? please help

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I don’t think there is an option to disable that.

any updates on this?
did you add such an option?

it would be great if this option would be available that the first who starts the conference can disable the option that other users can kick out and mute others. It would be great that just the opener of the room can do this to others.
Specially when you make online-study-teaching for example.
Please, please can you add this to Jitsi?
I know it is possible to make a own server and implement this into the own server on servers side.
But it would be for all much easier and more compfortable if you use buttons in the prereferences that the “Admin” of the room can disable this function or able it. How he want to use it.
Thank you very much for your help!
Michael Schwägerl

Sorry No not Yet.

What is the utility about allowing any user kick another any user? It´s pointless. That should be an admin privilege. I can´t make a talk or webinar if some attendee can kick me or kick others attendees.


I’m also very surprised by this; there doesn’t seem to be a use case for allowing everyone to kick out everyone.

The app is very usefull in situations like this, but for virtual class with kids is impossible to work if any one can kick out the admin (teacher). i don’t understand why that option is present on the app.

I’d had a big problem with that, because you can’t know who kick another one out
People can use a false name, erase the password and kick another classmate out.
It’a a big problem for classroom.
i love this system but this option must be changed. Only the first one, administrator, boss or teacher must can kick another one out

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I have solved this on my instance with the token moderation plugin.

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This is 100% a necessary feature. It’s a total show stopper.

The token moderation plugin adds this feature

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hi can you share the procedure and config files of your Prosody and Jicofo to make this work?
by the way, what is the version of your Prosody?

It is very frustrating that this discussion so quickly reverts to language that is not understandable for the average schoolteacher or parent. Is there any solution for us or can the above solution be explained at ‘jitsi for dummies’ level?

Hey, How you can do this? please help me in details

Hi, Please refer to the other thread where I have referenced the install process I followed - JWT authentication with optional moderation