How turn server is used with jvb

Hi I have main server with standard installation (jicofo + jvb + prosody + coturn). The second server runs jvb for scale up. We should install more servers with jvb in future.

I should install coturn together with jvb for share bandwidth.

I know that turn server is used for p2p fallback. But I may not clearly understand how ice and jvb works in various network connection.

Would any expertise explain whether turn server is needed for non-p2p connection?

TURN is needed when 2 sides (P2P or client<->JVB) cannot connect directly. TURN relays the packages since it’s accessible by both sides.

coturn is used also in non p2p mode for clients that can’t connect directly to jvb through port 10000. It is relaying the packets from port 443/tcp(tls) to port 10000 jvb/udp(dtls)

Thanks @gpatel-fr @emrah .

I’ve configured those 2 jvb works with octo and specific region from client.
In prosody, the configuration here

turncredentials = {
    { type = "stun", host = "", port = "3478" },
    { type = "turn", host = "", port = "3478", transport = "udp" },
    { type = "turns", host = "", port = "5349", transport = "tcp" }

This turn server is ready to use with JMS.
I would like to install coturn for each additional JVB.

From my understanding here, there are 2 connections.

  1. jvb sends tracks to client via turn server
  2. client sends tracks to jvb via turn server

From client, can be load balanced with geo dns.
From jvb, can be mapped as in /etc/hosts

I think this is the best to make sure both jvb and client are using the same turn server.
Using lib-jitsi-meet, turn server can be specified for p2p only.

Expertise, anything I’ve missed?


Does lib-jitsi-meet support specify stun/turn(s) for bridge connection in restricted network environment?

Yep. That is the default behaviour on latest lib-jitsi-meet, if there are turn and turns severs they are added for the bridge connection.

It’s good!
But sorry that I haven’t check code in details.

Does the stun/turn(s) values from prosody config?

Or having option in api of lib-jitsi-meet? If yes, what’s the option?
Or able to configure in jvb directly?

Thank you so much. :handshake:

These are only for p2p and these are only stun, turn always coming from prosody

Is it true that if two people join from two different regions e.g one person (no one from behind NAT meaning both are coming from a normal network, UDP traffic are allowed) from the USA and another from India? Octo region-based strategy is applied + turn server is there then P2P connection is not possible? because I have noticed if two people from Indian then p2p is working normally and when Indian and USA people join then there was no P2P connection established! @damencho @gpatel-fr @emrah